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Monday, April 21, 2008

Creating ACEOs!!!

I have seen many people asking questions on the Etsy forum... about ACEOs!

What is an ACEO?

ACEO stands for : Art Cards, Editions,Originals

Any Rules to follow when making an ACEO?

Yes, ... ONE RULE: An ACEO must be 2.5" by 3.5" in size. The dimensions may go either vertically, or horizontally; your choice. There are NO other rules. The width of the ACEO is up to you!

What materials can I use when creating ACEOs?

Actually, ANY materials, mediums!

If you can create with a material, you can create an aceo with that material!

Cardstock, Watercolor papers, Recycled papers, Playing cards, Cardboard, Wood, Fabric, Bark, Polymers, Ceramic, Paperclay, Handmade papers! (and any other materials you might want to try!

You can use any of the following, and more :

Colored pencils
Paper collage
Recycled materials
Natural materials
Woven grasses
YOU NAME IT, YOU TRY IT, and Tell us about it here! :O)

The point of ACEOS:

Enjoy small art around the world!
Try new styles!
Learn new techniques!
Share your love of creating with others!

Enjoy the Process~~~!!!

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