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Saturday, April 19, 2008


Yes, you guessed it, I've been making ACEOs for the Bounty competition/challenge. In a way, I have used it as an opportunity to challenge myself, to make things that I wouldn't normally make, or to develop ideas I've had for a while. The challenge to work with trash and found objects produced this piece, Cracked And Torn. It uses materials I've had for a while, but haven't had any ideas for using. The base of the ACEO is a died dryer cloth on pelmet vilene, stitched into. I then added some disintegrating corrugated cardboard, which I found ages ago in a box in the garage; I love those textures and colours. And to finish it off, pieces of snail shell found abandoned in the garden. Unusual? I think so!

I have submitted ten pieces for ACEO Bounty, and all can be found in my artmixter shop!

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