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Friday, December 30, 2011

"My Girl" Day Twenty Ink Sketch

Years ago two very special dogs came into our lifes, Suzie aka Yellow Fawn and Dexter aka Moose.  They were anonymously given to my parents who eventually gave them to us and they became dear and precious members of our little family.  As far as we could discern they were in the Rhodesian Ridgeback family.

Thumbing through my albums today, I came across a photo of Suzie and it just called out to me as the subject of my Day Twenty Sketch.  Now, mind you, drawing animals is not something that comes easily to me.  I finally decided to challenge myself further in Brenda Swenson's 75 Day Sketch Challenge and at least attempt this drawing.  So here is

"My Girl"
Happy New Year!
Karen Anne

Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Soldier Boy"

 I am so enjoying going through my old albums!  Today I found a photo from 10/4/1993 and decided to sketch what I call "Soldier Boy"....

Try it you'll like it too!

Karen Anne

PS  This sketch is available in my Store in ACEO format.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The bond between brother and sister.....

Recently I decided to take on "Brenda Swenson's 75 Day Sketch Challenge" in which a participant draws one sketch per day for 75 days using only ink ... NO pencils or erasers allowed! Today was my eighteenth day and I chose a photo of two of my grandchildren (when they were much younger). I have never sketched two figures together on one page without first making pre-drawings in pencils with lots of erasures to be sure that proportions are close to what they should be. Never the less, I decided I would try ... the result is this sketch that I really like! The lesson I learned? You never truly know what you are capable of doing until you really try.....

I have this print available as an Open Edition ACEO in my Etsy Shop.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Third and Final Entry to the December ACEO Challenge ...

Outside of our kitchen garden window we have an arborvitae that stands at the east end of the window.  We also have a family of squirrels that nest in the tall blue spruce in our front yard.  The squirrels gather and bury nuts all over our yard, later they will dig up their little treasures and many a time I have been working in the kitchen and a motion will capture my attention outside of the window, I look up and I'll see a little squirrel happily munching on a tender nut morsel. 

This happened again today and inspired my third and final entry in The ACEO Challenge which I have titled "Garden Window Visitor"....
 Happy day all!
Karen Anne

Two New ACEO Challenge ACEO's....

Have you visited The ACEO Challenge Blog lately?  This month's challenge is ".....Out Your Window" ....  here are two views from two of my windows!

Merry Christmas ... and if you have a chance ... enter your view in this month's ACEO Challenge!

Karen Anne

Acetsy Team 2008 Autumn Video