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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Saturday, December 22, 2007

New here!

I am new here and thought I would post one of my ACEO's...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Does Christmas Do This To You?

Christmas is, of course, meant to be the season of, peace, happiness, contentment...ring any bells? But often, it feels like a treadmill, and when you've struggled through the umpteenth busy shop to find that they've sold out of whatever it is that 9 year olds 'must have' this year, I'm sure you too will See Red. Unless, of course, you have the patience of a which case, the calm hovering of 'Even Angels Dream' might be more your cup of egg nog... either way, have a very happy time...

The technical details? Seeing Red is made from hand dyed tissue paper, with a piece of hand dyed Evolon and some found papers attached; Even Angels Dream is also made from hand dyed tissue, with found images and papers, and some tiny glitter stars. A bit of glitz for Christmas...available from my Etsy shop

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Not Just Another FACE in the Crowd

I made my first Etsy TREASURY and did it on my favorite ACEOs to collect. Did you know that people search ACEO FACE?? All ACEOs... only for a day I think... gosh I was so nervous...all happened so fast.

By the by, I'm new here to your blog and glad to find you all! Happy Turkey Day too!


Saturday, November 17, 2007

SnowFlake Fantasy

I am new to the group (hi!), so I thought I would introduce myself with my latest ACEO.

This card was inspired by the FAE (Fantasy Artists of Etsy) Street Team's Snowflake Fantasy contest. You can see some of the other entries here.

This is MY fantasy. Small dragonlings carefully guide each snowflake to its designated spot in the sky so that it will fall "just so" and at exactly the right time. This ACEO is my own interpretation of the magic in the ordinary.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

It's Been...

that kind of a day. My 20ft shed/studio arrived yesterday, but the builders failed to appear today, so no shed in the back garden. Just enough to make me See Red...which is the title of this new ACEO which I've just popped into my Etsy shop. Lets hope tomorrow will be a brighter, better day...I'll be able to get better photos taken, and maybe the builders will come. A girl can hope!

Sunday, November 4, 2007


you need something pretty and peaceful to look at. After all, it's only natural. And that's the name of this particular ACEO, made using lutradur on found papers, with found images and a shimmery skeleton leaf added. It's one of my favourites; it's on my etsy shop, if you'd like more details. Reminds me of summer...just as winter is coming in.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

New Dragonflies ACEO

etsy Item 7671949

Three dragonflies flit through a forest of green bamboo. This feng shui landscape, from the Zen Mandala series, is an original miniature acrylic painting.

New ACEO Seller - Listing Like Crazy!

Watch the number of ACEOs in my shop expand this first week of November! This one I put up today is one of my favorites, but since I work in series with my art cards there will be four more variations listed over the next month. My first set of listings includes abstracts and landscapes.
Visit my shop and take a look!

Never Say Never...

for it will come back to haunt you!!! I said never to ACEOs, once; and now here I am, making them with gay's an obsession, you know... Oh, well. At least I'm spending time usefully and productively! And it is a good way of trying lots of different styles; the first image is made simply from lutradur, stitch and found papers.

This second image is a section of a photograph of an abstract painting, which I then altered with acrylic paints. It may be an obsession, but it's FUN! Both cards available here

Monday, October 22, 2007

inspired by ACEOOCTOBER

My new to me laptop died, and I suspect that Memory Ghouls and other computer bugs may be to blame. Available here.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

it is an ACEO addiction...

and I just can't stop playing ;)
More carving and printing love in my little shop! I have also started playing with my new Epson printer... clicky clicky for more fun items on their way ;)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Candy Corn Field

Ever wonder how Candy Corn is made? Wonder no more! This is a painting of the birthplace of that delicious concoction! Notice the baby plants in the background. When the blooms first appear on the stalks, the centers are baby buds of gold. Later, when the blooms become larger, the centers turn into a delicious dollop of vanilla! And now you know...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Here are some Halloween ACEO cards that I made. I wanted to share them all with you. :) Happy Halloween everyone! :)
"Happy Hello-ween!" 2.5"X3.5" Mixed Media "Pumpkin" Acrylic 2.5" X 3.5"
"Pumpkin Patch" Mixed Media
"PumpkinPatch Two" Mixed Media

"Spooky" 2.5" X3.5" Acrylic

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Look Ahead For A New Beginning, ACEO

©AscenderRisesAbove ©Jacquelyn Berl look ahead for a new beginning

Look Ahead For A New Beginning, Front
Medium: Tag, Mixed Media

Look ahead for a new beginning.

©AscenderRisesAbove ©Jacquelyn Berl look ahead for a new beginning

Look Ahead For A New Beginning, Back
Medium: Tag, Mixed Media

What comes from the heart goes to the heart.

I have been digging into my collection of found objects and creating another line of small art tags. Each piece is a one of a kind; collectible tag. Suitable as an upcoming Holiday ornament, bookmark, or as a gift all by itself. Going up today in my Etsy shop!

I have been creating embellished ACEOs over the last year and find my collectors like them for their affordability; in comparison to the price of full sized collage pieces. Understanding that buyers are investing in these tiny canvases I will not reduce my prices in order to retain their purchase value. I do, however, combine shipping on multiple pieces. My pieces include tiny pieces of found art objects, glass beads, charms, acid free paints and contain many (many) layers of polymer medium - items not found in most other ACEOs. Each is signed and dated. These are collectible pieces which you will want to display year round.

Each piece is a one-of-a-kind so I go all out with shipping; I know you want to receive the item in pristine condition, I mail in a protective envelope, insured - with tracking.

detail ©AscenderRisesAbove ©Jacquelyn Berl look ahead for a new beginning

detail ©AscenderRisesAbove ©Jacquelyn Berl look ahead for a new beginning

detail ©AscenderRisesAbove ©Jacquelyn Berl look ahead for a new beginning


Monday, October 8, 2007

Friday, October 5, 2007

Block Party Press - New ACEOs and A Feature

I have been making some new paper ACEO's lately. I like to recycle and use recycled items in my work, so when I took a picture of the cardboard that I use for painting pendants for the Flickr Crafting 365 Group, I saw the potential to create a new line of ACEO's called "Leave Nothing Behind". This is the original photo that inspired them:

I decided to start painting my pendants on cardstock so that I could make them into ACEO's easier than using cardboard. Here is what I came up with:

The pink ones were featured this week on the ACEOToGo blog.

These will be going into my Etsy shop sometime this week and they are also available for trade!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

October Challenge

Introducing the ACETSY monthly challenge! Our first theme is inspired by the fact that here in North America it is the Spooky Halloween season. With that in mind the October theme is...

Ghouls and Goblins

Don't forget to use the tags ACETSY and ACETSYOCTOBER to identify your listing.
and feel free to post your card or cards on the blog and/or add a link in the comment section of this message. Happy arting!

For those of you who are not into the holiday ... you may do Autumn Colors!!! Use the same tags as above... :O) ! Thanks all!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Happy Holiday Tags for you to add to your packages!

Click on the Photo!

A Candy Corn Day

Do something fun every day!

HolidayACETSY Begins!


As a group effort, begin adding your holiday aceos to the holiday search!

Beginning today... Add the search tag HOLIDAYACETSY
to your aceos that are specially made for the upcoming holiday seasons!
Can be any of the holidays coming soon!

Halloween... to New Years! Go for it! Use your imagination!

Dear Customers:
Please do click on this Search! Thanks, and Visit often to see the new additions!



New Member

Hello, I recently opened my Etsy store and quickly discovered ACEO'S. I am a doodler and
have saved them on scraps of paper, napkins, etc for years keeping them in shoe boxes.
Making ACEO'S gives me an outlet for my compulsive doodling and let's me get them out into the world instead of languashing in boxes. Yahoo! I was excited when I ran across the
ACETSY Blog and look forward to being an active member!

Bub Glub Bub Glub Back

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"Dark Balloons" ACEO

Hi everyone,
I am really excited about playing with woodblock printing. Here is one of my newest creations ;)
"Dark Balloons" ACEO

Monday, September 17, 2007

Breaking Out of my Shell...

I've had an etsy shop for about 6 months now, and i've primarily sold my beaded jewelry there...

Well, I fell in love with making ACEO's and it was starting to take over my etsy shop, so I had to create a new one just for my ACEO's! Lol...

So here I am, this is me... too!
(also known as DancingMooney)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Against the Wall

This expired (at Etsy) today. It had lots of views and hearts and I thought someone would buy it. Maybe the title was too sad...I was sad when I painted it...

Many blessings!

New ACEO prints.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Safety In Numbers ACEO

Here's a new ACEO created for the PCAGOE monthly challenge:

You can read more about what inspired this piece on my blog and it is listed for sale in my etsy shop, block party press.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


First Flight is a detail from one of my my originals. I am offering as a collectors card series of 10 .


Please visit my blog if you like :

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Urban Jungle Original ACEO - New From

I finally got a new ACEO done! It took having my computer crashing to find the time. This is hopefully the first in a new series of city themed ACEOs. Made with polymer clay and acrylic paint and available in my Etsy shop! Check my blog for a little City inspiration of your own!

She Had a Big Heart

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

She Was Often Described as Transparent

This part of a new series of work that I'm creating that combines vintage photographs and old medical illustrations.

Acetsy Team 2008 Autumn Video