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Saturday, April 5, 2008

ACEO Promotion Coming Up...

Hi Everyone,

I'm not sure if everyone knows about a special ACEO coming up. I received this email regarding it:

G'day Barbara,

The thread will be in the Etsy Forum Promotions section ...but don't go looking for it as it is not yet created ...though it will be shortly ...once the final draft of the opening post (which has the artists links) is sent out to each artist involved for approval.

Once the ACEO Promotion thread is created ...people will start to issue challenges in that thread ...the artists then read the challenges and create their artwork ...then list the artwork in their store with "ACEO Bounty" in the title. You may promote anywhere you wish to for your own artwork (permission is required to display any other person's artwork) that is created for this ACEO Promotion it will couple to that of the other artists promo's and the You Tube Video's *nodding*

Currently there are 61 confirmed to the list ...and quite a few others in receipt of the information that I am now doing contacting. As this promotion is intended to be "long lived" ... I have been very conscious of not making things "mandatory or demanding" of the artists involved. I think we will get better artwork created with "freedom" rather than "control" there will be absolutely no obligation to any artist. The only thing I will be asking of artists that they confirm via convo ...their agreement to the inclusion of their Name/Store on the Participating Artists list any release/approval as may be required for me to produce the promotional
You Tube video(s).

Regards,Belinda :-)
Please convo Belinda if you'd like to participate or want more information:


Barbara, ACEO Team Moderator - artwork in the form of collectible ACEO's, drawings, paintings, originals and prints - art in the form of art pendants

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