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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I hope it is ok to post even though I am not with the bounty...let me know otherwise.

A couple of non Bounty challenge ACEOs!

Hi, I thought I would take a break from the challenge, although I am tempted!!!

Anyway, here are a couple of my latest encaustic ACEOs... see what you think?

Remains of Atlantis

View out of cave
I have a description of encaustics in my blog

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cow-Patriot aCEo Original - 3 sections

My newest creation is the Cow-Patriot in 3 sections. Each section is 2.5 x 3.5 and it looks so sweet!

Check out my cow and other ACEO's at my etsy shop: Barbara Giordano Art

Monday, April 21, 2008

Clematis Aceo by D.M.RiceArt

Enjoying the process!

Visit today!

Creating ACEOs!!!

I have seen many people asking questions on the Etsy forum... about ACEOs!

What is an ACEO?

ACEO stands for : Art Cards, Editions,Originals

Any Rules to follow when making an ACEO?

Yes, ... ONE RULE: An ACEO must be 2.5" by 3.5" in size. The dimensions may go either vertically, or horizontally; your choice. There are NO other rules. The width of the ACEO is up to you!

What materials can I use when creating ACEOs?

Actually, ANY materials, mediums!

If you can create with a material, you can create an aceo with that material!

Cardstock, Watercolor papers, Recycled papers, Playing cards, Cardboard, Wood, Fabric, Bark, Polymers, Ceramic, Paperclay, Handmade papers! (and any other materials you might want to try!

You can use any of the following, and more :

Colored pencils
Paper collage
Recycled materials
Natural materials
Woven grasses
YOU NAME IT, YOU TRY IT, and Tell us about it here! :O)

The point of ACEOS:

Enjoy small art around the world!
Try new styles!
Learn new techniques!
Share your love of creating with others!

Enjoy the Process~~~!!!

Cat with Attitude!


Thanks for visiting!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another Bounty girl...

This Bounty challenge moves at the speed of light!  I've managed to squeak out a couple...this one is Serenity in response to an interpretation of an emotion.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Yes, you guessed it, I've been making ACEOs for the Bounty competition/challenge. In a way, I have used it as an opportunity to challenge myself, to make things that I wouldn't normally make, or to develop ideas I've had for a while. The challenge to work with trash and found objects produced this piece, Cracked And Torn. It uses materials I've had for a while, but haven't had any ideas for using. The base of the ACEO is a died dryer cloth on pelmet vilene, stitched into. I then added some disintegrating corrugated cardboard, which I found ages ago in a box in the garage; I love those textures and colours. And to finish it off, pieces of snail shell found abandoned in the garden. Unusual? I think so!

I have submitted ten pieces for ACEO Bounty, and all can be found in my artmixter shop!

Friday, April 18, 2008

White Roses

I was inspired by the Bounty Competition to make this silk ribbon embroidered ACEO. I didn't include it in the bounty as the request was for painted white flowers.

Blue Vase of Flowers

I was sitting, frustrated with my illness... and suddenly, I grabbed my new Oil Pastels, and piece of Senso Canvas and I just started painting.

This ACEO just designed itself and I enjoyed being a part of the process!

It's painted with Sennelier Oil Pastels and sealed with matte varnish. It has landscape and iridescent pastels so it has some great shimmer as well as the texture you can see in the picture.

I think all the great ACEO's on Etsy recently has really inspired me to create. Come visit my shop The Creators Palette to see more of my new work.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Flurry of ACEO Activity

There has been a lot of stir in the ACEO community the last couple of days. bellsakabin has started the ACEO Bounty Challenge with over 60 participants and a grand prize at the end of the challenge all of the ACEOs listed in the Bounty Challenge that haven't sold during the length of the challenge. Early today that amount totaled over $400.00 with new entries being added constantly. Certainly a worthy prize. Here is the link to the thread giving the details.

I know that some of the Acetsy Team members (I am one) are participating. One of the challenges was create a bright colored bird and here is my entry for that challenge.

In addition to the challenge thread there are a number of treasuries featuring ACEOs at the moment. I am including the links for the ones I've found and I hope you will take a moment and check them out. Let's all click and comment and get them moving towards the front of the lists.

Now every member of Acetsy has the opportunity to promote this challenge and these treasuries to everyone that they know are interested in ACEOs. Buyers can propose a challenge to have their favorite kind of ACEO created with no real obligation to buy, artists have the opportunity to be challenged with suggestions, inspired by other works of art and supportive of each other by just commenting on the treasuries and the thread.

Let us all make this a wonderful ACEO month.

Kae of Kae1Crafts and Kae1Supplies

Friday, April 11, 2008


Gosh, I haven't posted here in so long...
Here are a couple new ones for me.

Black Cat in Red Sunset from laurali

New original ACEO, Black Cat in Red Sunset:

etsy Item 10863883

A black cat sits in a tree watching the setting sun. Some of the autumn leaves are dancing in the sunset sky. This visionary piece with a Southwestern palette of yellow, red, turquoise blue and purple, part of the Zen Mandala modern art series (botanical abstract landscapes in a contemporary Asian style), is a miniature original acrylic painting.

A new adventure in medium and ACEO!

Hi, thank you for letting me join this wonderful group! I am so looking forward to meeting all you talented people.

My name is Pat and having recently discovered the world of ACEOs, I am smitten. All the more so because of a new (for me) medium that I encountered in the last couple of months called encaustic art.

I have a blog where I describe the art in more detail and obviously also have a shop on Etsy

Meanwhile here are a couple of ACEOs to show you what I mean......

The Parting of the Red Sea

The Ice Age is a coming!

Raft at Sea

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Enjoying the process of creating ACEOs... again!

It has been a long winter... but ...

The sun is shining, and I am being creative, once again!

Thanks for checking out my Etsy Shop!

Focus ACEO
My newest original mixed-media ACEO “Focus” has a majestic quality. You can almost feel the focus and determination of the beautiful falcon. Highlighted with metallic bronze, it was created using vintage text, acrylics, and paper.
Birds are a bit of a theme for me and this ACEO shows the steely focus of a bird of prey, an altogether different mindset than that of your average songbird.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mandala Art Cards

I added a few of my mandala art cards. Have a lookie. I still can't decide on a fav.

Kindness to horses - by AKJapan

This is a mixed media card I made using chalk, wax and watercolour on a double layer of heavyweight Japanese washi. It depicts a chalk horse carved into the hillside. I have seen chalk horses in Wiltshire, UK and last year I read a book on the topic called The Lost Gods of Albion by Paul Newman (not the actor!). It inspired me to start using these images in my art. 100% of the sale price of this card will be donated to the Brooke Hospital for Animals; an organisation that provides free vetinary care for working horses and donkeys in developing countries.


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Purple Dragon ACEO by Allison Stein

I'm a dragon. And I'm purple. Little girls are gonna love me, because all little girls love purple. And dragons. Right? Purple Dragon ACEO by Allison Stein, watercolor pencil and ink on 140# watercolor paper.

It's that time of year again -- I'm working on dragons and cats with wings for the science fiction art shows I participate in during the summer. This is one of my dragons from years past, available in my Etsy shop:

It has a custom double mat that fits in a standard 5x7 frame.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

ACEO Promotion Coming Up...

Hi Everyone,

I'm not sure if everyone knows about a special ACEO coming up. I received this email regarding it:

G'day Barbara,

The thread will be in the Etsy Forum Promotions section ...but don't go looking for it as it is not yet created ...though it will be shortly ...once the final draft of the opening post (which has the artists links) is sent out to each artist involved for approval.

Once the ACEO Promotion thread is created ...people will start to issue challenges in that thread ...the artists then read the challenges and create their artwork ...then list the artwork in their store with "ACEO Bounty" in the title. You may promote anywhere you wish to for your own artwork (permission is required to display any other person's artwork) that is created for this ACEO Promotion it will couple to that of the other artists promo's and the You Tube Video's *nodding*

Currently there are 61 confirmed to the list ...and quite a few others in receipt of the information that I am now doing contacting. As this promotion is intended to be "long lived" ... I have been very conscious of not making things "mandatory or demanding" of the artists involved. I think we will get better artwork created with "freedom" rather than "control" there will be absolutely no obligation to any artist. The only thing I will be asking of artists that they confirm via convo ...their agreement to the inclusion of their Name/Store on the Participating Artists list any release/approval as may be required for me to produce the promotional
You Tube video(s).

Regards,Belinda :-)
Please convo Belinda if you'd like to participate or want more information:


Barbara, ACEO Team Moderator - artwork in the form of collectible ACEO's, drawings, paintings, originals and prints - art in the form of art pendants

Friday, April 4, 2008

My newest ACEO “Noise” shows a sweet orange songbird competing with all the noises of the city. But, she still is singing. Why? Because she can. Liking that. You go, songbird. Created using acrylic paint, vintage text, sheet music and watercolors, it is peeping it's arrival on the etsy site.
peaceofpi studio

Calla Lilies ACEO from laurali

New original ACEO, Calla Lilies on Dark Red:

etsy Item 10753345

Original acrylic painting on fine art paper.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Startled Bunny by Allison Stein

Easter may be over, but this little guy is still in my Etsy shop, This adorable ACEO is painted on Arches 140# cold press watercolor paper using fine gemstone pigments from Daniel Smith watercolors. The green is Kingman Turquoise. The gray and the brown are hematite. The pink is Minnesota pipestone. The blue is Lapis Lazuli. I hope to do more with the gemstone pigments soon. I hope you'll stop by my shop and take a look around!

Hi ACEO Team!

My name is Jo. I'm a Mixed-Media Artist, new to ACEO's. In 2008 I started making them and I just can't stop :) I currently have 10 for sale in my shop, peaceofpi studio (
This is my latest, Fleur. It's a springy, even *wistful for summer* little piece. It was created using vintage text, watercolors and acrylic paint. I limited the palette for this piece to five colors - three purples and two greens. This was a challenge for multi-colored me, but it did bring a certain cohesion to the finished product!
I'm excited to join the ACEO Street Team and I look forward to much fun and inspiration from all of the talented "YOU" in the group.
peaceofpi studio

New ACEO Added

I added one of my newly created ACEO today. This piece is inspired in celebration of Earth Day.
Barbara Giordano Art

Newbie Co-Moderator

Hi Everyone!

I'm Barbara aka SunfluerDesigns and I'm happy to be a co-moderator with ReflectstheMoon. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone and helping to making our group a $uccess!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring Trio

Three ACEO's just listed in my ETSY store! Click Here I kept the price low so they could be bought and framed as a set. It seemed to make such a lovely spring trio!

Thanks to All

I will be leaving the Leader Role soon, and need a member to step up... Please do convo me... if you are willing and able to do the blog, and yahoo group for ACEO Acetsy, with our other leader...

Thanks so much, Debi dmriceart on etsy.

First Fiber Art ACEO

This is my first fiber art ACEO. I am such a beginner at this that I actually had my sewing machine intruction manual open (and used it several times) while creating the background for this piece. Each piece of hemp was then sewn to the background with gold thread and the edges hand-stitched.

To take a closer look and view the piece from other angles, please click on the picture; it will take you to the listing.

Acetsy Team 2008 Autumn Video