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Friday, October 31, 2008

Some Aceo artists are having a Bountiful Sale

I am also in the Bountiful Sale. I will do all the changes to my shop when I get off of work this evening. But I am offering buy 2 items and get one free. You can purchase any items in my shop and I will refund the least expensive item after purchase with Paypal. You guys can get first pick. lol

If you want to know more about it or you want to join us, just go to this website for information

If you want to search for the bargains, just do an etsy search using the words, "bountiful sale" with the quotes and all the items on sale will pop up. Come and join us. Lind

Monday, October 20, 2008


Fall is here - in my yard, anyway! This is a new ACEO that I call:


Hope you enjoy - thanks for letting me share!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Beloved - ACEO Original - Day Of The Dead Art

An original ink and pencil illustration in honor of Day of the Dead , El Día de Los Muertos. Find this original ACEO at my Etsy shop: BarbaraGiordanoArt This card will not be duplicated.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Persian Patch Work Kitties

The design below is a
Water color style.

These designs are for all the Persian kitty cat lovers.
This design reminds me of the sixties in the Hippy days!
I hope you all enjoy this one!

You can find this new creation
My Etsy Shop

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Garden Persian Kitty

Hello everyone I had to design something soft and sweet! so cuddly you just want to reach out and pet her! I loved this design so much I just had to do two different version!
I am going to be doing a series of Persian Cats/Kittys. Most loved are the silver with the black eyeliner and green eye's!

You can find this new creation

My Etsy Shop

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Captured Fairy And A Brownie

This new design is for all collectors who love
"Captured Fairies In A Jar"
The little Brownie is skipping around with glee.
The fairy seems a little
If you double click you can see a larger size of this design.

You can find this new creation

My Etsy Shop

Two Fairies On A Fence

I can imagine this place!

Can you?

I love a feel good when you create something that you just absolutely love!
I am so excited to see this new design in print. FYI my designs can be printed as big as 8 x 10 so if there is one you would love to have in print contact me at for more information!

You can find this new creation

My Etsy Shop

Ghost's And True Love

Here is another late night design! I think it turned out pretty good for the hours I put into it. I am so happy it is done it took me three days to complete!

You can find this new creation
My Etsy Shop

Monday, October 6, 2008

here is a new idea to show off your art card collection

This is an art card box that I designed. You can put your favorite card in the top and it will hold 45 flat cards on your table top or any where else that you want to feature your collection. It is in my etsy shop.

here is a new card using utee

Here is my new aceo collage card that uses utee to make the vellum flowers 3D and stand out nicely. Soul Flower

Friday, October 3, 2008

Baby Boo And Her Kitty

Baby Boo And Her Kitty!
Halloween is creeping up on us and I am going to just spend some time designing creepy,spooky,cute
I hope you like this one as much as the last!
You can find my new creation
My Etsy Shop


I managed to get some time in for one design over the weekend!
One design a day is a long way down the road for
I love this one it has so many vibrant colors!
I used a little color burn on my flowers. My brushes worked out really nicely in this one too! Her mask is a brush hard to believe I know, and also her wispy pale blue wings!
You can find my new creation
My Etsy Shop

Two Little Witches

Double,Double, Toil And Trouble
Happy Halloween! We are now in October and I have this new little treat for you all to see! I really,really love this one it is now my favorite! I hope you all enjoy it too!
You can find my new creation
My Etsy Shop

Please Cast A Vote for Me!

Hello everyone! Today is the last day for the contest I entered!
I just wanted to ask a favor if you might take a moment and go to the link I have provided below and cast a vote for me on my latest design Beauty's Lot! I really would love to win! lol With your help I know I can!
Just look for my design (Anitra Williams) then click on the circle then scroll down to cast your vote! It is that simple and will only take a second, there are no sign up's to do or anything!
Hugging You all!

Acetsy Team 2008 Autumn Video