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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sweet September Saturdays by Artist/Designer/Photographer Glenna Normyle

Thank you very much for inviting me to write about ACEO's and ETSY. As we pass from one season to another you can really feel it and certainly see it. This new season Fall 2009 is just starting for us here in New England. Cooler nights herald the beginning of the Fall season for us. I am also very much swayed in my creativity at this point. I have been creating ACEO's with Fall, back to school, owl, bird and Christmas themes. Some ideas for ACEO's come to me and they are so simple in design. This Hoot Owl Aceo I made was simple to make and fun. A few months ago I had ordered a package of various iron on items, beautful embellishments etc...from a fellow Etsian. When I received my order I took one look at this owl and I said to myself, very cute, unique I really would like to preserve it on aceo cardstock to share with someone else. Enjoy! It is available for sale at my shop Glenna's Garden. By visiting you can see this aceo and others I have created.


Kathleen said...

Very fun - the owl is so cute =)

Pam said...

Welcome to the blog! That owl sure is cute! You have a great shop!

gnormyle said...

Thank you Pam and Kathleen for your kind comments. I enjoy writing. Arts and crafts too.

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