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Friday, January 2, 2009

Elpha The Wicked Witch Of The West

Remember Suzi Blu's group reading of Wicked?
Well I joined in although needless to say,
I never finished the book as of yet!
I did manage though to do a sketch of Elpha
and created another
"Sketched mixed with digital graphics"!
Hubby said
I am really getting hooked here my friends!
I get to do my digital graphic designs and sketch as well!
My most two favorite things to do!
I hope you like my newest creation.
You can find it at

My Etsy Shop


Italian Girl in Georgia ~ Suzanne MacCrone said...

Hey Friends...just wondering how my blog can get listed on this site. I have this blog linked on my blog and have been a member for eight months or more...I am out here...and I've got some really nice photo ACEOs. 'Would love a little feedback. Thanks so much.

Happy New Year to all.


cuteartworld said...

Hi Suzanne I joined so long ago I do not even remember how I did it? Sorry maybe someone else can help.

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