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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cherished Lady & More....

My cards have been pretty diverse this week. Just painted & created whatever came out.

~ Here are a few~

~Cherished Lady~

~Acrylic paint & sealed with a matte sealer~
I used a toothpick to get tiny even dots for the border and I use the flat end of a bamboo skewer to give me even pupils in eyes and as ringlets in her hair.

I am so happy with this swanky version of Lady Liberty, I may have to keep her!

But why is it the pictures never look as good as in person?
~Pink Polka Dot Daisy~

~Mixed Media of collaged papers, paint, mica, rhinestones & wooden finial plug~
The paper flower is from Ohcrop16 and I painted the edges to give it some detail.
I have been using UHU glue to apply my embellishments. It dries super clear and smooth as well as strong. I used it to hold the mica in place, which is great b/c it does not show up at all.



~Mixed Media of collaged papers, stamps, paint, ink & broken mercury glass~

These wings I just picked up from Pacokeco. The only thing different about this piece is the mercury glass. I broke one of my ornaments during the holidays and I refuse to let it go to waste!


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