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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I've just joined the blog. My Blogger name is s.k.s. but my Etsy name is haikubird.

I'll start off with adding my most recent ACEO.

unidentified moth (Port Alice), original mixed-media ACEO ATC

An original, one-of-a-kind mixed-media ACEO ("Art Card, Edition and Original"). This is a currently unidentified species of green moth, temporarily named "Port Alice" after the shade of paint (see card back). Pen & ink and acrylic-tinted gloss varnish (front) and paint swatch sample cards (back) on 140 lb Canson watercolor paper. Completed 04.07.07

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glad to be a part of the blog.



Debi! said...


Thependragonseye said...

Hi Haikubird! I recognize you from the creative challenge. Are you going to join me in using ACEOs for the creative challenges?

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful butterfly! GREAT WORK!

s.k.s. said...

thank you!

hi Pendragon! sometimes I submit ACEOs for the creative challenge, like the "lime" week. Other weeks I do other drawings or paintings (like this week -- and last week too I guess)

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