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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Etsy Link info, 4/22/07

The Etsy Administration is working on Etsy site (last night... through today sometime... If links are not working, they are still hard at work! Please be patient, and come back to visit later. I will let you know if I get "into the Etsy Link!".

Meanwhile, enjoy the day!
Thanks, Debi,
Blog Coordinator... (est , USA)


Aztek721 said...

I took a nice nap, that has to count for something...?

Debi! said...


It is still slow, but it is getting there... I was all for hanging out on the weekend with the hubby, and the sunshine, anyway! Loved the break!

Haven't a clue why some people get in such a dither... Life is good! Just my O! :O)

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