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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Does Christmas Do This To You?

Christmas is, of course, meant to be the season of, peace, happiness, contentment...ring any bells? But often, it feels like a treadmill, and when you've struggled through the umpteenth busy shop to find that they've sold out of whatever it is that 9 year olds 'must have' this year, I'm sure you too will See Red. Unless, of course, you have the patience of a which case, the calm hovering of 'Even Angels Dream' might be more your cup of egg nog... either way, have a very happy time...

The technical details? Seeing Red is made from hand dyed tissue paper, with a piece of hand dyed Evolon and some found papers attached; Even Angels Dream is also made from hand dyed tissue, with found images and papers, and some tiny glitter stars. A bit of glitz for Christmas...available from my Etsy shop

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Anonymous said...

Outstanding ACEO's! Thanks for sharing them!*HUGS*

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