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Thursday, November 8, 2007

It's Been...

that kind of a day. My 20ft shed/studio arrived yesterday, but the builders failed to appear today, so no shed in the back garden. Just enough to make me See Red...which is the title of this new ACEO which I've just popped into my Etsy shop. Lets hope tomorrow will be a brighter, better day...I'll be able to get better photos taken, and maybe the builders will come. A girl can hope!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful card! It would be would be great for the NEW ACEO MAGAZINE CONTEST IS ON NOW! It would teach children how to spell red and that eyes are used for seeing. If you made two others...then you'd be all set!

The winning entry will receive $30 payable by paypal, PLUS publication in one of our issues and a free copy of the issue their work appears in!


1. 3 Original Cards Created using any medium
2. All three cards must have a children's story illustrated
3. The cards must teach a child about numbers, letters, animals etc...
4. The winning entry will have to be mailed in and will be non-returnable.
5. Please send images to or
Contest Closes Nov 30th, 2007
Angela Taylor

Nikki said...

Tell Me More!!!!!

What is the ACEtsy Street Team?

Anonymous said...

ACETSY Street Team is a group of ACEO artist's. They post their ACEO's, sharing them with others.
I am just a member of ACETSY Street Team. I hope that I didn't imply otherwise. :)
If you have any questions about ACEO Magazine I can help you with them. I am a writer for that magazine, NOT the creator, just a writer. :)*HUGS*

Nikki said...

Thanks for responding. Sorry to ask more questions, but what is an ACEO Artist (what does ACEO stand for?) Also, I am not familiar with the ACEO Magazine. how can I find out more information about the magazine and opportunities to contribute as a writer?

Anonymous said...

Good questions...
ACEO stands for Art, Card, Edition, Originals
I'll tell you how they came to be.
ATC cards started first and stand for Artist Trading Cards. They are traded by artist's and are 2.5" X 3.5" each.
There were fans of these little pieces of original art though. They wanted to collect them and not being artist's themselves...they couldn't trade them. ACEO's were made!
ACEO's are sold to those that are art collectors, many that find it easier to pay smaller amounts for ORIGINAL art and it gives artist's a chance to support one another.
ACEO Magazine can be found at
It is rather new, which is why you have not heard of it. It has grown very fast. Seeing as how ACEO's are getting around..I highly suspect that it will do wonderfully!
I wish that I could say that I came up with the wonderful idea of creating this magazine. I did not can read more about the magazine as well as it's creator on the site. You can also purchase the magazine on the site. It gives you information about the magazine, contests, ideas, opportunities to contribute(Which are very much appreciated) and more!
If you have any further questions please e-mail them. At
Thank you for your interest!

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