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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fanciful Doodle

I got back from a trip to the coast and after recovering from salt air and sun decided to sit down in front of the TV and see where my pen would take me. It was just supposed to be nothing much but once I had finished I thought it was kind of fun and decided to share it.  The original drawing was done on a size 7" X 10" sheet of paper in my sketch pad, I have digitally reduced it to make it available as an open edition ACEO art print as well.
"Fanciful Doodle"

Happy Day all!


IrinaSztukowski said...

Thank you for sharing. Amazing graphic and great idea is in this card. Hard to believe that this is ACEO size.
Thanks again,

readingsully2 said...

This is lovely.

Brenda Doodles said...

What a great card. I wish I had the patience to do detail like that.

Bevie said...

Wow it's awesome!!!

Pam of Always Artistic said...

Karen Anne, WOW That is awesome! How on earth do you do that much detail and not smear ink across the page! LOL

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