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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Original ACEO: Abandoned by LizardoArt

Abandoned by LizardoArt
Old abandoned buildings inspired my latest ACEO. I used acrylic paint and various textures to give it a weathered feel. I painted on canvas paper and then mounted it onto illustration board for support. You can frame this or put it on a stand for display.
This is one of several in a series, more coming soon! To see more currently available ACEO's, visit my shop.


Jade Scarlett said...

This is cool!


Aloquin said...

Absolutely one of the coolest original ACEOs I've seen yet. I'd like to feature a photo of it in my upcoming zine, if that's alright with you. Please convo me on etsy if you're interested.

Kathleen said...

Very nice! Love the texture.

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