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Friday, October 3, 2008

Please Cast A Vote for Me!

Hello everyone! Today is the last day for the contest I entered!
I just wanted to ask a favor if you might take a moment and go to the link I have provided below and cast a vote for me on my latest design Beauty's Lot! I really would love to win! lol With your help I know I can!
Just look for my design (Anitra Williams) then click on the circle then scroll down to cast your vote! It is that simple and will only take a second, there are no sign up's to do or anything!
Hugging You all!


pinkglitterfae said...

Congrats Anitra you won!! This was a stunning work of art you deserve it :-)

cuteartworld said...

I was so thrilled! It was a happy day. I have to say it also was my first contest, so winning was something special for sure!

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