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Monday, July 16, 2007

Collage ACEO's

You can buy these cards in my etsy store or my new site at
This collage means that you can count on me if you need a friend. It has tissue paper as the background, bits of sheet music in it and a drawing that I did of two hands. I hope that you like it. Front of card:
Back of card:This aceo I decided to make One side of cat's and the other side of dogs. That way it would bring joy to both cat and dog lovers. :) Actually this piece is almost two aceo's in one.
This one I just did for the fun of it. I took paper and doodled on it. I then cut out pieces from the paper that I doodled on. I burnt the edges of them and glued them onto an aceo card. I start with a regular card and cover both sides with paper. This time I decided to go with blue. Although the front and back look similar. Ohhh well. :)
Front of card:
Back of the card:


m.Lee said...

I am so old fashioned about printmaking I don't ever decorate the back of my cards for fear that people might not like it. Even though when I recieve them that way I love it! I may have to rethink my way after seeing your lovely two sided cards.

Angela said...

Thank you. Some people would probably rather make them one sided. Double sided is just the way that I like to do them.Any other way just feels unfinished to me. Although I would be honored please don't let the way that I make art, change the way that you like to make art.

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