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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

ACEOs by Woodblock artist mLee

Art Card Poster
Originally uploaded by m.Lee
I took a bit of a hiatus from making ACEOs/ ATCs. Especially from carving new blocks for them. They have always been a side project for me. After a bit of an artistic drought I decided it was a good time to get out some of my small blocks and do some quick carvings to reinvigorate myself artistically! It has worked in the past and it worked now. Pictured here is a collection of some of my favorites. Some are available, some are not. Some aren't even listed yet!

Starting with these cards I found the inspiration and motivation to work past the pain and tiredness of pregnancy and now I have so many new cards that I just can't list them fast enough. And new larger work too.

You know, I wasn't really getting the whole art card thing at first. Even when I first started making them. I understood why I made them because they were a low commitment way to experiment with shapes and colors where if I messed up and ended up with junk it wasn't a big deal. But now I get them completely. Starting with a simple trade prior to even joining Etsy with a Livejournal contact of my very first art cards I now am building up a collection of my own that I am quite proud of and have in a rather informal display display in my studio. And I find myself wanting to hound Etsy sellers that don't offer them to make them. Having a full sized piece from an artist makes me want an ATC from them as well even more!

I am excited about this team and team blog because I am now fully on board with this fabulous format of art!

What do you think about offering this as a 8.5"x11" poster print?


Artyfax said...

makes a wonderful poster but I would be tempted to cut it up LOL


m.Lee said...

The images are actually smaller than art card size. Not by much but they are not the proper size.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, wonderful work! I just love this post! It comes right from the heart, where it should come from!

m.Lee said...

Thanks! I put a lot of thought into this post Angela. I've been really appreciating the ACEO/ ATC format lately.

Debbie said...

I say it is a wonderful format to show your artwork. Yes make your artwork this size as peopel want to own your artwork and this would be an easy way to obtain it without lots of pocket money$$$$$ being spent. I believe you would sell more this way.


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