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Friday, May 11, 2007

New ACEOs at Plastic Pumpkin

New ACEOs at Plastic Pumpkin Designs (oh, and I finally figured out how to use the Acetsy blog with my Blogger ID. LOL).

I've got a few new ACEOs to tempt my fellow ACEtsyians with, including gocco print versions, limited edition photo prints, and new originals.

My sassy red-headed art nude (Classy Crotch, hee hee) was done using a Gocco printer on nice, handmade paper. She's sweet, sassy, and simple. Expect more variations of this lively lass in the near future, too.

I've also posted a few new originals (one of which is the Chinese lantern sketch, at left). The lanterns were done with hand-ground ink and a bamboo pen on rice paper). I enjoyed giving them a roughly hewn, almost primitive feel.

Stop by my Etsy shop and view my other ACEOs, too! If you're a member of ACEtsy--be sure to mention acetsy in the order comments area, if you purchase an ACEO form me. You'll get a free ACEO along with your purchased one, every time.

Happy "arting" everyone.

1 comment:

Sarah Ogren said...

I have been throwing around the idea of creating gocco print ACEO's too. That little machine is a great invention. Nice work!

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