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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Mature ATC up for trade or PIF

My father accidentally offended a coworker of his while showing her my shop. Thinking I had all stuffed animals, he was surprised to see my mature (bondage/fetish-themed) ACEO.

So I'd like to remove it from my shop, but I'd like someone who wants it to have it.

I'd be up for an ATC swap, or I will PIF it for the cost of shipping and the $0.20 cent listing fee.

Here she is:

I'm not adding a picture, because it's not appropriate for all the beautiful (and family-friendly) images that abound on this blog. :)



Sarah Ogren said...

Sorry that your father's co-worker was offended. That's there problem. :)
Maybe you need to open a second shop of just s&m pieces. I feel bad that you feel like you have to take down your work. I like a little naugtiness. :)

EllyZee said...

Aw, thanks for the support, Sarah. I am most likely going to open a second shop and put my more "adult" items in there. I don't want to stop making what I want to make because of how some people react. But I also don't want to drive away business when I sell a lot of "cute" and "sweet" items to kids and families.

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