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Friday, February 26, 2010

Original new watercolor painting – Large Still Life

Lemon Lime

I’ve just added two new ACEO’s to my shop.

I created this first one as a part of a challenge in my watercolor group.  “Lemon-Lime”  was painted with just 3 pigments – a red, a blue and a yellow. This was really fun. I often rely on the fantastic pigments produced by my favorite companies, but it was a great exercise to create with a limited palette and mix my own colors.lemon lime challenge

This is a scan of the ACEO before I trimmed it. You can see the three pigments I used on the side and under it are some of the mixes I created and used.

You can click on either picture to find this ACEO in my Etsy shop!

While I had my palette prepared with these three colors, I decided to try painting a landscape I had sketched out. It is the view of Mt. Hood, Oregon, that we get when we have a clear day! I’m really pleased with what I could do, again, with just 3 pigments!

Mt Hood ACEO

Again, you can click on the picture to see the Mt. Hood ACEO in my shop!

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