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Monday, June 29, 2009

Two mixed media works by Robin Maria Pedrero

"The Teacher"original mixed media aceo by Robin Maria Pedrero
A mixed media piece in my ACEO series that is a perfect keepsake to honor a teacher. The verse here talks about "The Teacher..he imparted knowledge to the...pondered and searched out....just the right words..and upright and true...other symbols like the crossword, a piece of the sky, more words on hope...

"My Darling"original mixed media aceo by Robin Maria Pedrero. A fun mixed media piece in my ACEO series. "I liken you my darling....your cheeks are beautiful...with earring...."See the earring on the branch, there's more if you study it. The back states date and time of completion.
Visit A Visual Journey by Robin Maria Pedrero to see these and more.

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