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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dog Caricatures!

A lot of people do amazing portraits of kids and dogs!

Since I do a lot of cartoon art, I thought it would be fun to do dog caricatures. I hope you like these, a bulldog, a weimaraner, and a Jack Russell.

If you are interested in a cartoon portrait of your dog, let me know!

Have great day!

Smelly Rhino Studio


Kathleen said...

Love these - too cute!

Rita said...

They are adorable!

Karen Koch said...

Love the dogs and their stories!

Raphaella Vaisseau said...

Can you do cats? E-mail me: - I'll check out your site.

Artist's Block Studios - Christine Alane 2005 said...

you have given these dogs such human them!

smellyrhinostudio said...

Thanks everyone for the nice comments! I appreciate all feedback! :)Rebecca

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