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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Is Spring Here in your Neck of the Woods?

Well the flowers are starting to bloom and then all of a sudden we had snow yesterday :( but today the sun is out and the temps are rising again! Yeah!! I have drawn a burst of daisies aceo and it's for sell in my Etsy Store
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LakeErieBeachGlass said...

Beautiful flower aceo! At least the sun is melting all this white badness away so I can start to see flowers like these peeking through! ;0)

Kathleen said...

very pretty!

10 COLORADO said...

Pretty flower, we have alot here in Mallorca if you visit my blog:

You will see all the flower I got from Calvia Mallorca!!!!

Thanks for the visit, wishing tou the best!!!

I send all my flower to all the Italian people that been suffering

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