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Monday, March 23, 2009

Fiber Squiggle ACEO's

Lemon Lime Squiggles ACEO

I've just added over 15 new Squiggle ACEO's of different colors. This is my first attempt at a series. Usually, I'll create one or two pieces, so this is a first for me.

Each of these ACEO's were hand painted with Lumiere Paint on cotton muslin & then rubber stamped.

Cherry Red Squiggles, ACEO

I then added layers of irridescent Angelina Fibers, which unfortunately do not photograph well (so I enclosed a closeup so you could see them.)

Grape Squiggles, ACEO

closeup of Angelina Fibers
I then added different colored metal "squiggles" as embellishments.
Dark Chocolate Squiggles, ACEO

I normally don't work in browns, so I was unsure of both brown ACEO's, but the feedback I've been receiving seems to be positive.

Milk Chocolate Squiggles, ACEO

You can find these ACEO's along with others that I have made in my Etsy shop, Squigglechick.

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