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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

ACEO Cards... Literally! By D.M.Rice

These are going to be available in
my Etsy shop!
Cards, that just happen to be
ACEOs, and useable cards, for gifts!

(no envelopes)

Each is hand painted.
There is no signature or date... unless you request. Why?
You may use them as they arrive, or... and this is what I think is cool...
You may embellish them, and give them as personal gifts to other ACEO collectors, friends, and family! Each and every card is a bit different. No two alike, Ever! If you are an ACEO artist, and would like to adorn these with your own work... please do! I have no problem with that idea! Sell on Etsy, or give away, but please do mention my shop if you decide to sell them. (Give credit as "background by") Thanks!

More to come!


Shabby Cottage Studio said...

I think they look great Debi! I have similar plans for selling aceo cards with my original papers...I have seen them sell elsewhere so I know they're marketable.

hojpoj said...

I love the colors you used! Very nice :D

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